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February 25-27: BONUS Soils2Sea Kick-off meeting, Copenhagen

June 3-4:  5th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) + 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit, Turku

August 26-27: Kick-off meeting of the BONUS Projects starting in 2014, Riga

September 8-9: BONUS Soils2Sea Project meeting, Stockholm  


March 23-24: BONUS Soils2Sea Project meeting, Norsminde, Denmark  

September 30 - October 2: BONUS Soils2sea project meeting, Kraków, Poland


April 26-28: BONUS Soils2Sea Project meeting, Kaliningrad, Russia

September 15-16: BONUS Soils2Sea project meeting, Norrköping, Sweden



May 17-19: Regional stakeholder meeting and BONUS Soils2Sea project meeting, Berlin  

October 11: Future governance approaches for reducing excess nutrients at regional scale - Upscaling Workshop. Göteborg, Sweden




March 14-16: BONUS BALTICAPP, GO4BALTIC, MIRACLE AND SOILS2SEA  Projects' end conference "Sustainable ecosystem governance of the Baltic Sea region under changing climate and land use", Gdansk 

Conference First Announcement download here  

Conference homepage www.bonus2018.eu  

Conference Report (program, abstracts, participants) download here