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Deliverable 1.1 - Website

Deliverable 1.2 - Requirements Report

Deliverable 1.3 - Dissemination Plan and Material

Deliverable 1.4 - Periodic Report (Abstract is public - full report is internal)  

Deliverable 1.5 - Periodic Report 2 (Abstract is public - full report is internal)

Deliverable 1.6 - Updated dissemination material

Deliverable 1.7 - Periodic Report 3 (Abstract is public - full report is internal) 

Deliverable 1.8 - Proceedings from final Baltic Sea Conference (not yet available)

Deliverable 1.9 - Periodic Report 4 (Abstract is public - full report is internal) (not yet available)

Deliverable 1.10 - Final Report (not yet available) 

Deliverable 2.1 - Review of existing Scenario Studies of Nutrient Reductions

Deliverable 2.2 - Soils2sea scenarios

Deliverable 2.3 - Scenario analyses for spatially differentiated N measures in catchments (not yet available)

Deliverable 2.4 - Scenario analyses for spatially differentiated P measures in catchments (not yet available) 

Deliverable 3.1 - Field site installations for groundwater studies in Norsminde and Kocinka

Deliverable 3.2 - Upscaling methodologies

Deliverable 3.3 - Prototype of new sensors for flux measurements of N and P

Deliverable 3.4 - Hill slope studies in Fensholt, Norsminde, Denmark - and Kocinka, Poland. Biogeochemical processes and flow paths   

Deliverable 3.5 - Gains from differentiated regulation of nitrate in groundwater dominated Danish catchments  (Journal paper Hansen et al. (2017) - the other manuscript confidential until published as journal paper)

Deliverable 3.6 - Proposal for differentiated regulations for Kocinka catchment

Deliverable 4.1 - Reservoir operation

Deliverable 4.2 - Tracer tests and the effect of solute retention and attennuation on the stream reach scale

Deliverable 4.3 - Design of water course remediation measures to increase nutrient mitigation

Deliverable 4.4 - In-stream water management strategies for reducing nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea (not yet available) 

Deliverable 5.1 - HYPE model for the Baltic Sea Basin  

Deliverable 5.2 - A scenario analysis of socio-economic and climate related changes of nutrient load from the Pregolya River Catchment

Deliverable 5.3 - Water Quality Changes in the Baltic Sea basin within the HYPE modelling framework (not yet available)

Deliverable 5.4 - Projected Impacts of Climate, Anthropogenic Changes, and Remedial Measures on Nutrient Loads to the Baltic Sea (not yet available)

Deliverable 5.5 - Baltic HYPE scenario results in HypeWeb platform (not yet available) 

Deliverable 6.1 - Thresholds for nitrogen in groundwater and streams - a new concept for improved land use regulation and protection of the Baltic Sea and its coastal waters (not yet available) 

Deliverable 6.2 - Proposals for new governance concepts and policy options

Deliverable 6.3 - Towards co-governance in monitoring of spatially differentiated regulation for good water quality - Common pool resources and EU law (manuscript confidential until it is published as journal paper)

Deliverable 6.4 - Results from stakeholder workshops on governance concepts

Deliverable 6.5 - Policy Brief (not yet available)

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