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Kocinka, Poland

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Description of Kocinka case study site


First stakeholder workshop in Kocinka, Poland - December 11, 2014

The first Soils2Sea workshop in the Polish case study region was held on the 11th December 2014. It was held in Częstochowa, near the riverKocinka. Theworkshopwas attended by project partners from Soils2Sea, members from the environmental agency of KłobuckCounty (powiat kłobucki), representatives from a fisheries-association, as well as actors fromthe communityMykanow, who had previously participatedin an ethnographicstudyinPoznan, Polandin October 2014. Among this latter group werefarmers and other stakeholders, including from theWater Works inCzęstochowa. A total of 12people attendedthe workshop.

In the first partof the workshop,twopresentationswere held.Prof. Grzegorz Malina focused on general water issues, Dr. Przemysław Wachniew (both from the University of Krakow) presented the Soils2Sea approach.  

Kocinka workshop 
Fact sheet  

Agenda and summary

Presentation - Wachniew

Presentation - Malina


Second stakeholder workshop in Kocinka, Poland - October 13-14, 2016

Agenda and summary

Presentation - Wachniew (in Polish)

Presentation - Stelljes (in English)  

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